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Underground Conduit Circuit Test
Underground Conduit Through Testing
  • To improve the quality of underground cable construction and prevent cable accidents by identifying the internal diameter and curvature of the test tube and the location of obstacles through the camera before entering the underground cable.
  • Securely insert cables by removing obstacles to the optimum direction of pipe penetration and defective locations.
  • Whole equipment connected to the cable is pushed and pulled from both sides
  • Save the measured data to the connected computer
  • Maximum testable extension: 500M
Cable CURE
  • Extend cable life about 20 years by injecting silicone fluid into the cable to reinforce cable insulation.
  • Savings in replacement costs approx 40% (based on AL CABLE replacement)
  • Construction in Korea for 25 years since 1996 (Record: About 2,500 km)
  • CNCV cable available, watertight cable construction not available
  • CNCV cables (manufactured from 1998 to 1998) / then watertight cables available (W)
Product Feature
  • insulation reinforcement principle
    - Remove moisture and voids in cable by chemical reaction of injected silicon fluid
    - Prevention of insulation destruction caused by insulating defect by pre-removal of the causes of water tree
    - Reinforcement of cable insulation by polymerization of silicone (23.6 kV/mm)
  • CURE Effect
    - Increase insulation strength of cable by 350%
    - Continually improve by 0.5% daily for 2 years
    - Cable life is extended by 20 years due to prevention of water ingress.
Cable CURE before/after apply
Manhole, handhole inspection & maintenance
Expansion of manhole inspection by using the manhole inspection device of KEPCO's power distribution office in 2020
  • Classification of manholes and hand holes, detection and maintenance of defective facilities
Check Point
  • Structure: Cracks and water leaks on the wall, flood status, and floor cleaning conditions
  • Conduit: waterproofing device or lid installation status
  • Cable status: Trauma status, curvature, installation status, cable anchor (support, crate, hanger)
  • Connection opening: Deformation and anti-disaster treatment, thermal diagnosis
  • `Accessories: ladder, tread bolt and hook installation status
  • Grounding Equipment: Ground line installation status, ground wire corrosion ground resistance measurement
  • Track marking plate: marking plates installed on D/L phase, etc.
  • Rating: Rating and marking on structure condition
More To Do
  • Cleaning the interior of a manhole: using one-stop equipment
  • Installation of waterproofing devices in sections (follow-up action)
  • Cable Connected components PD Measurement (Optional)
  • manhole internal anticorrosive coating
  • Concrete Exposed Area Regeneration Work
  • Manhole cover noise improvement
  • Construction of Waterproof Barrier for conduit
180degree lens
digital camera
Thermal Diagnosis
leakage conduit waterproof equipment
Testing low voltage electric asset l I
Ground Transformer Inspection
General inspection of ground transformer
  • Visual inspection of the electrical box and main body
  • ground resistance measurement
  • Check other electrical asset conditions
  • Inspection of insulating oil condition
  • a defibrillator
Measurement of leakage current
  • Utilization equipment: 4CT combination portable short circuit measuring ammeter or CT type precision current meter
  • Method ▶ Measurement of the leakage current of a biased line when inspecting a ground transformer more than once a year
  • Measurement result management ▶ Explore and reinforce live leakage points at locations with measurements of 200 mA or higher
low voltage elevating device inspection
General inspection
  • Check the condition of the low voltage standing device installed in customer processing, cable connection, overheating (Thermal diagnosis), and bolt tightening conditions
Low voltage standing
asset installation
Low voltage standing
asset installation
Condensation caused by loosening
of bolts during vibration
Overheating status
(Thermal diagnosis)
Testing low voltage electric asset ll
Check low voltage electrical box
Inspection plan
  • Inspection point: flood of electrical box, attachment of cable dirt, damage of electrical box, installation of insulation rubber plate, measurement of leakage current, etc.
Low voltage asset Reinforcement
Low voltage standing
asset installation
Low voltage standing
asset installation
Condensation caused by loosening
of bolts during vibration
Overheating status
(Thermal diagnosis)
Manhole surrounding asphalt prevention & repair
Manhole surrounding asphalt damage repair
  • Manhole and ground asset surrounding damaged asphalt area reinforcement
  • Heating with an eco-friendly thermoplastic solid compound above 200°C
  • `Time saving compared to conventional asphalt reinforcement
Safety check
Clean surface
Repair point heating(dry)
Reinforcement meterial
Heating the material
Apply anti-skid
Construction completed
manhole protective ring
  • Construction for protection around manholes that are easy to break, sink, or crack
  • eco-friendly thermoplastic solid compound adsorption with ground when heated
Concrete restoration & sound proof installation Inside the manhole
manhole regeneration (anti-corrosion coating)
  • Reproduction of concrete damage inside manhole
  • Circular, Rectangular Manhole
  • Corrosion Prevention and Durability Improvement of Manhole Structures
Manhole Noise Abatement Seal
  • Construction of the EPDM rubber seal prevents noise caused by separation.
  • Install in between manhole structure and cover
  • Can be cut to fit manhole size
  • Square, Circular, etc. Available for all manholes.
  • Increased sealing power over time after installation
  • Enhanced lubrication and waterproofing with silicone grease
  • Watertight from outside
Duct sealing inspection system
Conduit waterproof sealing system

Promotional videos available on demand
Example of use
  • The device prevents water by swollen in the conduit
  • Available for 30 years
  • Available in all sizes
  • CO2 gas or air injection
  • Can be used in running water
  • manhole, power supply, vault, etc.
Smart RFID underground cable indicator
IOT Smart underground indicator
  • Store RFID tags in underground indicator for saving conduit information
  • Checking conduit information such as manhole name, line name, construction year, etc.
  • Real-time information verification using RFID readers
  • Process accurate RFID signal data with special RFID tags for metal
  • Enter the information of the underground indicator on the device and check the real-time information.
  • Using the reader at a distance of 1m to 1.5m to recognize the tag.
Scope of utilization
  • Use of site survey and construction supervision for the design of power distribution sources
  • Excavation patrol worker can identify conduit progress with reader and device without drawings
  • Expandable to pole, ground equipment, etc. in the future
  • Quick and accurate location of target asset for inspection
  • Maps and photos available