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Best Partners in Maintenance of Electric Power Facilities
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  • CableCURE
  • 1996-now
  • All KEPCO branches 
    LG Metal, POSCO, LG Industrial Complex, Daewoo Heavy Industries, LG Electronics, Daewoo General Machinery, Hyundai Petrochemical, KOGAS, Lotte World, LG Nico, PSD Tech, YNCC, Air Force Command, Dongkuk Steel, Lee Soo Chemical, Korea Delphia, Hanhwa Petrochemical, Ulsan Kumho Petrochemical, Seoul Metro, KORAIL, Samsung C&T, OCI, Hansol Paper, Noru Paint, Hyundai Steel, Korea Southern Power, etc.

  • CDS
  • 1996-now
  • All KEPCO branches 
    POSCO, LG Electronics, Daewoo Heavy Industries, Daewoo Electronics, Wolseong Nuclear Power, Lotte World, Ulsan SK, KOGAS, Dongkuk Steel, Geumho Industrial, Hanwha Petrochemical, Hyundai Sung-Woo-Ri resort, Dongil Paper, Ever land, Doosan Infra core, GS Caltex, National Agricultural Products Distribution Corporation, Hyundai National Institute, and Christian Broadcasting, Isu Chemical, S-Oil, Seoul Metro, Samsung C&T, Dang-jin chemical, Noru Paint, SsangYong Motor, Rolls-Royce Marine Korea, Hyosung, Hyundai Oilbank, Hansol E.M,E, OCI Kwang-yang, etc.

  • CableWISE
  • 2006-now
  • All KEPCO branches
    Korea Railroad Corporation, Daegu Metropolitan, Hyundai Steel, Samsung Electronics, Korea Hydro & Nuclear Power Co., Dongkuk Steel, Hyundai Oilbank Co., Hyundai Shell Base Oil, LG Chem, Hansol E.M.E, Incheon Airport Corp., OCI Iksan Plant, Jeil Industries, Goyang City Hall, JFE Steel Co, Exxon Mobil, etc.
  • Circuit Test
  • 2012-now
  • All KEPCO Branches
    Gye-rim Engineering, Jin-do Electric Power, Dong-hun Electric power, Korea Delphia, Han-sol EME, Hyundai Oilbank, ESP, MK Tech, Wise Industries, In-kyung Construction, An-seong Construction, Shi-ju Construction, Delive, Cheong-gang Engineering,
    Han-sae Electric Power, and JT Engineering.
  • Switchgear PD Test
  • 2016-now
  • All KEPCO Branches
    Daebu Housing, Youngjin ELS, International Electric Power Corporation, Wu-kyeong Electric Power Corporation,Du-il Enterprise, Daejeon Branch of Daehan Oil Pipeline Corporation, Oil Industry, Gyeong-lim Electric Power, Daewon Electric Power.
  • Low Voltage Electrical Box Test
  • 2003-Now
  • All KEPCO Branches
    Daebu Housing, MK ENC, Youngjin ELS, International Electric Power Corporation, Wukyeong Electric Power Corporation, Dongwoo P&E, Doo-il Enterprise, Daejeon Branch of Daehan Oil Pipeline Corporation, Hojae, Oil Industry, Gyeonglim Electric Power, Daewon Electric Power,
  • IR Test
  • 2003-Now
  • All KEPCO Branches
  • Ultrasonic Test
  • All KEPCO Branches
  • Optical Test
  • 2013-Now
  • 70 Branches and 15 Headquarters of KEPCO, Kumsu T.I
  • On-Line PD Monitoring System
  • 2007-Now
  • GS Caltex, Hyundai Electric & Energy, Hyundai Oilbank, LGD (Paju, Gumi), LG Chem (Yeosu, Daesan), Korea Hydro & Nuclear Power (Yecheon, Cheongsong, Samrangjin, Sancheong, Muju, Yangyang), Hyundai Heavy Industries, Dongyangsanjeon, LG CNS, KEPCO KDN, LS Cable,
  • Manhole One-Stop Test
  • -
  • Seosuwon Branch of KEPCO
  • Inflatable Duct Sealing System
  • 2018-Now
  • Daegu Headquarter of KEPCO
  • Leak Test (Low Voltage Electrical Box)
  • -
  • VLF Test
  • -
  • All KEPCO Branches
    Dabo Power Korea, Seokwang Electric