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On-Line PD Monitoring(Real Time)
Online PD Monitoring (Real Time)
Online PD Monitoring System ASM-E (permanent installation)
  • Measure PDs from cables and switchgear and manage trend
  • Real-time monitoring of cables, switchgear, and switchboard
Equipment Overview
  • Cable and Switchgear PD monitoring 24x7
  • Applicable between 3.3 and 345 kV or less
  • Up to 128ch monitoring (1system)
  • With 20 years of know-how in PD monitoring, more than 5,000 lines have been used worldwide
  • HFCT, TEV-CC, AA Sensor
  • Over 500 million PD Databases
  • PRPD PD Pattern Analysis, Wave Shape Analysis
  • 4 km cable testable
  • DeCIFer PD detection technology is ideal for detecting PDs in noisy environments
  • Support from PD Analysis Specialists ▶ PD Analysis Report
  • Provide a customer-only web page