PD Monitoring

  1. - On-line monitor for certain period of time to diagnose the PD and the fault of the electrical utilities in advance. Technology of IPEC called ASM (Advanced Substation Monitoring) covers cable system, switchgear as well as PD monitoring of substation.
  2. - Currently operated worldwide with 2,500 of MV, HV, EHV cable utilities and 3,000 of MV, HV switchgear
Distinguish Contents Note
Applicable Voltage 3.3~345 kV Both applicable on earthing, non-earthing system
Monitoring Utilities Cubicle, cable, joints, switchgear,substations etc. HFCT, CC, AA temperature, humidity sensor
  • - With single ASM, Install up to 128 sensor (30 lines)
  • - Take action when something is indicated on the monitor
  • - Alarms the operator when the threshold exceed
  • - Predict trend analysis of each feeder
  • - 24 hours of monitoring
  • - Saves 40MB of each channel every 30 minutes
  • - Data scroll before 6 months
  • - Protection from high voltage attached
  1. ASM analysis all the signal received and calculate total energy. Strength of IPEC technology is precisely distinguishing PD and noise. By using Decifer TM of Wavelet Analysis, with connection of precise algorithm, data samples with high resolution on pC unit

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