Cable & Facility Diagnosis(CableWise)

  1. Silicon fluid injected push out and displaces the water between strands
  2. Silicon fluid difusion to the insulation( XLPE)
    ⇒ Chemical reaction with water → Water Tree removed
  3. Polymerized CableCure molecules ⇒ fills micro voids of water trees and defects
  4. Insulation repair through maximum of 2 year ⇒ repair insulation under loading condition
  1. Sensor detects low energy level with high frequency signal
  2. Sensor varies in sizes from 3.8cm~ 15cm
  3. Wide range scope sensitivity 100kHz~ 300MHz (Optical sensor: ~800MHz)
  4. Cable Terminal over 154kV, dielectric diagnosis of cable joints
Level 1 The system is not degraded. No immediate action is required.
Level 2 There is a small amount of ageing related signals.
Level 3 Component has a low to moderate level of deterioration.
System has a low probability of failure within the next two years.
Level 4 Component has medium probability of failure within the next two years.
Further discussion is required with the customer to determine the
viability of rejuvenation or replacement.
Level 5 Component is at the end of economic life and has a high probability
of failure within one year. Recommend immediate attention.
Feature CableWISE Sensor Normal HFCT Sensor
Measurement Measure Capacity sensor with electrical field (PD pulse voltage) Measure Inductive sensor with magnetic field (PD pulse current)
Range 300mm~ , maximum of 800MHz kHz~30MHz
Measure location Cable terminal, Cable joints Earthing cable

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