Online PD Monitoring System
Online PD Monitoring System (ASM)
PD Measuring System
  • - PD is the main factor that causes degradation failure
  • - With ASM, it is possible to prevent before possible accident is occured
  • - ASM PD detection : Cable, Distribution board, Switchgear, Terminal, Splice
ASM Installation Plan
PD Measuring System
Division ASM Note
Subjected Voltage 3.3kV, 6.6kV, 22kV, 22.9kV, 33kV, 154kV, 345kV ASM use both earthing and non-earthing
Subjected Item Distributing board, MCSG monitoring - CC-TEV sensor
Corona monitoring within distributing board - AA sensor
Monitor cable/termination of distributing board - HFCT sensor, UHF sensor
Temperature/humidity monitor - Thermal / Humidity sensor
- ASM is possible to monitor utilities with variety of sensors
- Monitoring is considered through multiple factor
PD Measuring System
  • - Acquire signal from 128 sensors
  • - 100MSample/sec, 14 bit resolution
  • - Every 30 minutes, each channel acquire 40MB data, on-line monitoring analysis is available