Remote video support system
  • Increased disaster or other events can be monitored on live by smart phone/pad and with multi direction/multilateral visual communication. Certain events can be conducted/action remotely.
System configuration
Wearable camera components
Additional power/network not needed
  • - Power of wearable camera is supported by the smart phone, no charge/battery needed
  • - Use LTE, WIFI, 3G network of smart phone
Visual identical process
  • - With different size, two-way reflection structure neck band head set type
  • - Small wearable camera is attached on the glass providing comfortable wear and active
  • - Visual and camera is identical
Smart control room
    • Quick propagation of situation
    • ∙ Quick propagation of situation
      - One on one or more for image sharing with calling system
      - Voice message is sent/received
      - Message transferred through Web
    • On-line site control/support
    • ∙ On-line site control/support
      - Two-way image/call from on site and control room
      - Precise on site image is transferred with close-up/ CCTV blind spot
      - Multi-calling system without the people in control room
    • Recording/Reporting
    • ∙ Recording/Reporting
      - On-line record and report for the evidence and future prevention
      - On-line report is made for the inspection and maintenance
Online video-audio transfer
1. . Situation sharing and on site control with little cost and high efficiency
  • - Multi-on-site situation and workers can be controlled with visual/audio monitor, group call is also possible
2. Human error on site/ technical support
  • - Without the manager on site, with on-line visual/audio call direction can be addressed
3.Safety supervision/ initial action when system fault occurred
  • - Support dangerous/hazardous task from long distance or on-line communication for record and direction
    • Evidence Gathered
    • - When trouble occurred with civil petitioner
      -Objective evidence in urgent situation
    • Mobile CCTV
    • - On-line video transmission
      - On-line monitoring from PC, Android, Iphone, etc.
    • On-line remote support
    • - Two-hand free
      - Technical support
      - Medical support
    • Situation report/control
    • - On-line situation reort
      - Multi-calling system (on site, control room, other places, etc.)
    • Public Prosecutors
    • - Remote investigation
      - Confiscation inspection
      - Ambush task
      - Support high-definition image for document/ facial identification
    • City Hall
    • - Natural disaster
      - Meeting / direction on site
      - Operate private termination (Seoul 100, Daegu 400)
    • Korea Coast Guard
    • - Site report - Remote teaching - Remote direction when situation occurred - Video record/ provide video - Operate private termination (90)
    • LG Chemistry
    • - Overcome communication blind spot - On-site support - Inspection/reporting - Applicable on smart phone/pad
01. Safety monitoring for safety
- On-line video monitoring for multi construction site
- Pictures/video is transferred using wearable camera
- Mobile report/ text message function
02. Prevention of human error in power distribution
- On-line site monitor sharing in case of fault operated devices
- Manager not on site, direction given remotely
- Multi visual calling for effective communication
03. Quick response from utility malfunction
- Monitor vulnerable section for safety
- On-line monitor for natural disaster, quick response and action
04. Remote technical support for site
- Remote support when installation
- Cost effective
- Work efficiency
Possible Usage (Remote System)