AC/DC voltage tester

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AC/DC voltage tester
AC/DC pressure tester
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Product Introduction
AC/DC voltage tester
AC/DC pressure tester
icon02.png Feature
  • Powerful and simple AC/DC tester for cable, switchgear, transformer ect,
  • HPA 35, AC testing up 35kV RMS
  • HPA 58, AC testing up 58kV RMS
  • HPA 78, AC testing up 78kV RMS
High-voltage test system HPG 50 ... 80-D
Comract and powerful AC and DC test systems
  • HPA 50-D, testing up to 35kV RMS /
    DC-testing up to 100kV
  • HPA 80-D, AC testing up to 58kV RMS /
    DC-testing up to 160kV
High-voltage test system HPA 35 ... 78 AC
Comract and powerful AC test systems